Mirror Island Manifesto

June 12, 2018

Mission Statement

Your time is valuable. Live life to the full.

Mirror Island is desgined to share, discover, and find information with speed and efficiency in mind.

Our aim is to write a network that consumes the least amount of time as possible.


The only person who should sell your data to companies for a profit and receive payment from the sale is you.

Acceptance to the terms of use on this website or its networking components does not grant us the right to give or sell your content for a profit, nor will you be monitored or identified for marketing or surveillance purposes.


We will not charge for essential usage of this site, although premium features such as additional web storage might require a fee.


Advertisements are optional, and the users of this site can turn them off.


You will always be in control of your data and private life.

When you set permissions where only you and a select few can view your posts and access your data, nobody else will be given access - not even us or the operators of this website.