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Official text editor and note taker of Mirror Island.
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    FTP Support In Progress

    Yesterday we added an update that allows us to edit files directly on a web server using FTPS. There is no FTP browser available, so you will need to know the full path of the file you would like to edit beforehand. Otherwise we have already found this to be a great convenience feature in quickly making changes to files we frequently edit online.

    The source code with installation instructions can be downloaded from:

      Weekend Update on Thoth

      Just before the night ends on Friday we uploaded an update to GitLab to show line numbers in Thoth, and hilite edited files in the side panel.

      The source code can be downloaded from GitLab at

        Keyboard Shortcuts

        Thoth strives to keep all keyboard shortcuts similar to what most other applications use for the same task.

        Even though this app is toolbar driven, it keeps compatibilty with menu operations through use of the Alt key. For example, the "Save As" command can be accessed with:
        Alt+F → A

        Global Operations

        Alt+F: Open "File" menu
        Alt+E: Open "Edit" menu
        Alt+O: Open "Options menu

        Alt+O → W: Enable or disable word wrap
        Alt+O → A: Enable or disable autoindent
        Alt+O → K: Enable or disable "keep on top"
        Alt+O → R: Enable or disable reopening files on startup

        File Operations

        F2: Open/close sidepanel
        Ctrl+N: Create new file as a note.
        Ctrl+O: Open a text file.
        Ctrl+S: Save file. (Not needed for notes.)
        Ctrl+Shift+S: Save file under a new name. Converts notes to text file.
        Ctrl+W: Close file or note.
        F5: Reload file (Doesn't work on notes.)

        Edit Operations

        Ctrl+X: Cut
        Ctrl+C: Copy
        Ctrl+V: Paste
        Ctrl+Z: Undo
        Ctrl+Y: Redo
        Ctrl+A: Select All
        Ctrl+F: Open find/replace window

        Search Controls

        F3: Find next matching text in "Find"
        Shift+F3: Find Previous matching text in "Find"
        Ctrl+H: Dual function; First find next matching text in "Find", and replace if selection matches.
        Esc: Close find/replace window

          Current features:

          - Initial GTK3 version.
          - Editing local files possible.
          - Standard editing features done (undo/redo, find/replace, autoindent)
          - Notes are automatically saved.
          - Search notes and side panel items.

          Attached zip file include source code and an executable binary compiled on Debian 9.8 (Stretch)
          thoth.zipDownload file (134.05 KiB)


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