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    Why do we have sex? According to science it is not for reproduction or pleasure

    Oddly enough, science indicates that sexual contact is sought for reasons other than reproduction and pleasure. Which are?

    Humans enjoy having sex, talking about sex and even fantasizing about it, but beyond how good it feels to be intimate with someone else and reach orgasm, a sexologist in Delhi suggests that we are looking for something more in these moments full of passion.

    In addition to pleasure, sex fulfills the biological function of reproduction and conservation of the human species, but this is not the reason that leads us to think and have sex, otherwise there would be no contraceptives.

    The best sexologist in Delhi Dr P K Gupta says that it is the rituals of interaction that make sexual intercourse so attractive. The exchange of glances, the words said in a low voice, the skin-to-skin contact and the kisses create an environment conducive to enjoying each other on a much more intimate and exclusive level.

    Further Dr P K Gupta explains that sex is part of a social construction in which intense bonds are created with one or more people.

    People are not made to live alone, we depend on other beings to survive and build, so sex represents an important union in which affection, interest, attraction and respect for the other is shown.

    Dr P K Gupta, top sexologist in Delhi lays out four reasons why people can’t live without sex, and it’s not about reproduction or pleasure.

    1. Satisfy our need to be part of something.

    This means that by being sexually intimate with someone else you are creating a small group in which you fit perfectly, feel comfortable and desired.

    2. You become a center of attention.

    There is no better time to feel fulfilled and let go than during a sexual relationship. The liberating sensation that sex provides is incomparable.

    3. Provides emotional and sexual stimulation.

    In addition to feeling great, it’s a perfect way to boost your self-esteem and spirits. Emotions such as love, attraction, passion and protection are also mixed, regardless of whether the encounter is casual or with a stable partner.

    4. It is an exclusive and private moment.

    This feeling of intimacy, of being able to enjoy without taboos and of absolute freedom cannot be had under any other circumstances.

    According to the best sexologist in Delhi, sex is a social connection that can provide general well-being for people, also impacting society.

    “Social connections like these not only bring us pleasure, they also affect our long-term health in ways as powerful as adequate sleep, a good diet and not smoking. Dozens of studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with their family, friends, and community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.”

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